Summerhouse to let in Denmark

Surrounded by beautiful nature and less than 200 meters from child friendly beach

Fantastiskt sommerhus ved børnevenlig badestrand med aktiviteter for hele familien.

For mere information om huset og områder klik pa danebro


· Børnevenlig strand 200m
· Brænde Ovn

· Roligt natur områd
· Golf
· Lyst fiskeri
· Surfing
· 45min fra Aarhus

Stunning summerhouse by the beach in Denmark offering activities for the whole family

For more information on the area and the house click on union jack


· Child friendly beach 200m
· Wood Burner
· Nature grounds
· Golf
· Fishing
· Surfing
· 1hr 20min flight from London Stanstead

  Sommerhus til salg i Fjellerup

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The summerhouse is situated in: Denmark, Jutland, East Jutland, Mols, Djursland, Bonnerup, Fjellerup
You can make day trips to: Denmark, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense, Esbjerg, Copenhagen. Sweeden, Goteborg, Norway, Oslo, Germany, Hamburg, Berlin
Attractions in easy drive distance: Djurs Summerland, fun fair, Copenhagen Tivoli, Tivoli Friheden, The Old Town, Golf, Riding, Swimming, Swimming Pool, Sauna, Beach, Fun Fair, Cycling, fishung, deep sea fishing, angling
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Sommerhuset ligger i: Danmark, Jylland, øst Julland, Mols, Djursland, Bønnerup, Fjellerup
I kan take dag ture til: Danmark, århus, ålborg, Odense, Esbjerg, København, Sverige, Gøteborg, Norge, Oslo, Tyskland, Hamborg, Belin
Attraktioner i området: Djurs Sommerland, Tivoli, Den Gamle By, Golf, Ridning, Svømmehald, Svømme pool, Sauna, Strand, Cykling
Det er billigere end du tror at booke en private sommer ferie bolig: Weekend, ferie for hele familien billigere og med rabat, tag med bil, båd, færge, Tog, eller Fly, fiskeri, fiske, hav fiskeri

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